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It's the end of the bar league as we know it

Well...that was it. No more bar league until the first Sunday in June. My scores were abysmal tonight because I was tired from lifting (I did a total of 13 chin-ups today weeeeee) and it was abnormally hot in the bowling alley, which really screwed me up, but at least we got free pizza and pitchers of drinks, and the team we were supposed to bowl against forfeited, so my crapass score didn't hurt us at all. Jeff decided that he's going to continue to bowl with us until his legs fall off or he moves out of town. w00t for that. I love our team.

I realized that the inside of my collar looked ucky because there was this extra 1/2 inch of fabric flapping there (which is pretty obvious if it slides forward while I'm wearing it), so I decided to redo it, folding said fabric into the seam this time. It's halfway pinned, and I should be able to finish stitching it back on before I go to bed. It's coming out excellently, though. I think I'll take a picture of it later, even if I have to pin it on because the buttons won't be on yet.
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