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Beautiful day

Current temperature in State College: 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Today's weather fell in the very pleasant "comfortably summery but neither humid nor hot" category, so we just opened up a bunch of windows and doors and let nature handle the climate control in our house. Stef came over to help me with the collar some more and work on the awesome Celtic-ish sweater that she's making (look here for a picture). We both got work done, enjoyed the excellent coffee that Rando put on, and had fun ripping on cheesy movies on Lifetime. (Well, she was sort of watching, while I was mostly listening because I was busy using the hand wheel to edgestitch using a 1/8" seam allowance - it took forever but came out way more evenly than it would have if I'd tried to go faster.) She left to go hang out with her boyfriend, who's going to be out of town for a month, but before then, she explained the final steps of putting the collar together, so it is getting done tonight. w00t. Me hungy, though.
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