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Why the hell didn't I notice that Rikku's Berserker armor has circles on the front AND back? Until now? Which is well after I finished sculpting and painting a pauldron with a circle on the front only?!

(No, I don't want to just paint a circle on the back. The circle is actually a slightly raised ring of clay.)

Oh's still going to look awesome, so I really shouldn't worry. If I get really anal about it later, I can always put "redone pauldrons" on my list of "neat shit to make when I learn fiberglassing", and I'm sure somebody would want to buy the originals.

Anyway, for those who are curious, here's a status update on everything.

Leg warmers - I need to lace up the second one and add the blue ribbon thingy (bias tape) and cuffs (white Lycra - a lucky find in the JoAnn's remnant bin - with the wavy red triangle pattern painted on using a fabric marker) to both.

Shoes - These are blue Lycra socks with fake fur toe sets (imagine just the end of animal feet) sewn to them. The socks didn't take me that long (including time spent making a pattern with just one inside seam). It took me fricking 6 hours tonight to pattern the toe set, make one, figure out how the hell I was going to get it onto the sock without going batty from trying to handstitch a zigzag, find a way to machine sew it, and get it sewn halfway before realizing that my vision was getting a bit shaky and that perhaps I should take a break.

Bikini - The bottom still needs its sides sewn on, but after that, it will be done. I have to do the pattern for the top, but I don't see that as much of a problem.

Collar - Stef is helping me with it tomorrow. After I get the tricky inside seam sewn (there's a lot of fabric there to sandwich together), the rest should be straightforward.

Pauldrons - The second one is ~60% clayed, and what's there is smooth (read: a near-finished - possibly finished - surface). I need to get my ass back in gear on that. The problem is that I have to do a 4-triangle section at once (starting and stopping in the middle of one of those is teh sux), which makes it rather tough to just pick up and put down. Tomorrow...tomorrow...I'll make myself...get back to it tomorrow...

Big honkin' head horn - I decided to carve it out of floral foam. I just have to make myself a pattern first.

So I basically have a bunch of stuff in various states of done. It will get there. Yes. It will. My preciousssssss...
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