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13 April 2004 @ 09:32 pm
I think Rando and I are coming down with the same cold. My head hasn't worked right all day, and my throat is starting to get a bit scratchy. Wouldn't it be just my luck if it hit tomorrow. Tomorrow is Carnivores practice, and I'll be pretty useless there if I can't sing.

I hope our stupid phone jack doesn't decide to croak again. It has a loose wire that went fooey on Friday, so we got a dead line and anyone who called got a busy signal. Dad fixed it on Saturday and told me that we can get some sort of replacement dealy for it at Radio Shack, so it better stay in place until then. To make matters even suckier, I was supposed to call my mom back, but I couldn't because of the aforementioned dead phone, and after it was fixed, I didn't get around to the call immediately because I am a hoser, and she isn't too happy with me, which makes me sad. I think I should just go to bed before I screw something else up. I'm in an incredibly lousy mood tonight. At least I managed to make the pattern for the stretchy blue Lycra part of my costume feet.
Current Mood: shitty
Current Music: nothing