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I went for a trim today and wound up getting four inches off, hence the current mood. My hair is still quite long, and of course it's all nice and even, but it doesn't fall to my navel any more. The stylist actually wanted to cut off eight inches, which would have been like throwing out the bathwater, the baby, and the whole extended family. It hasn't been THAT long since I got my hair cut, for Jeebus' sake.

Afterwards, I got a chance to look at some sale racks, and I wound up getting this awesome blue bikini with a palm-tree print on it. It's sort of difficult to describe, but it's really cute. As a mondo bonus, I actually didn't feel like a doofus under the harsh fitting-room lights, which boosted my self-esteem and made me feel a lot less icky about eating all those yummy cookies over the past couple of days.

Speaking of which, I planned on doing cardio tonight, but I put it off because my butt had this weird pull in it and I was trying to figure out whether I should go for interval sprints on the Stepmill or do a moderate-intensity long walk around the neighborhood. High-intensity interval training is optimal for fat loss, and Fridays are great for HIIT workouts because they're neither before nor after leg day, but HIIT has given me trouble when my legs and back were being grouchy. Moderate cardio doesn't jack up your metabolism as much as HIIT does, but it won't aggravate those sorts of body kinks either. At any rate, I wound up getting really fucking tired, passing out for a couple of hours, waking up feeling like crap, and inhaling a bunch of non-optimal food. Bleh. I think I'll lift tomorrow afternoon and then take a long walk tomorrow night. That will get me off my butt, make me feel better, and not interfere with my recovery from lifting.

And back on the subject of happy stuff: the Goddess of Cosplay Serendipity seems to be with me this year. ^_^ Last night, I cut out and assembled the coverings for my bra top: two stretch velvet ovals and matching felt backings to keep everything stabilized and easy to work with. Nothing is permanently attached yet, but I did pin the fabric and backings together and then bobby-pin them to the bra to see what the final effect will be like, and I think it looks quite nifty. Now I just have to make the pattern for the pieces that will go around to the back. I have a first draft that's pretty close to the look I'm going for, but it needs to be thickened a bit so that it'll be wider than the back strap. I've had nothing but bad luck trying to sew clear elastic, and I don't want to mess up this bra because I probably wouldn't be able to buy another identical one. Thus, I'm just going to make some loops to thread the back strap through. I love it when you get an idea as to how to make something and it Just Works. ^_^
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