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New sewing machine = teh w00t

My leg warmers are pretty close to done. Both are sewn together, tattered at the bottom, and trimmed. I had tried to sew the trim on through the yarn, which was sort of working but rather problematic because five layers of eyelash yarn don't exactly constitute a stable surface, and then I yanked out the stitches (which hadn't torn up the yarn at all - yay ballpoint needles!) and figured out that I could glue the trim onto the inside top of the leg warmer and just sew the elasticized white cuff on directly under that (also on the inside), so I did that, which actually worked out nicely. Because the yarn flops over the top of the piece, it gets a bit of poofiness. It's noticeably longer than the fringe on the costume, so I'm going to trim it down a bit, but I'm quite happy with the way it turned out. I wanted to sew the cuffs on tonight, but I can't because I was stupid and forgot to pick up a pack of assorted ballpoint needles. All the ones I have are heavy, which is perfect for fake fur and elastic, but it doesn't work well for plain Lycra. Blergh. At least I got a lot accomplished, so I'm very happy about that.

Oh yeah...and I found the original version of Moonlight Shadow, which is one of my favorite songs from DDR 5th Mix, on some random German person's random mp3 page. I like the remix better, but the original is still good and nice to have around.
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