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Break time!

(Yeah, I know I use this mood a lot, but I'm proud of myself, so sue me. =P)

Both leg warmers have been colored. One has been thoroughly rinsed and is drying on top of two plastic milk crates that I stuck in the tub. I can rinse the other one when that is finished drying (which isn't going to be tonight - I can tell you that much). I was originally going to make trim by sewing my yarn together, but I was worried about the fringes getting stuck in the machine, so I decided to do a speriment involving wide bias tape and fabric glue. I found a book about the width that I wanted the fringe to be, wrapped a buttload of yarn around it, cut it (avoiding Chester during the entire process because he was stalking the yarn a bit too intently), laid out the bias tape, and then just glued a double layer of yarn pieces along it. Afterward, I glued and folded the tape over top of the yarn and put some books on top to get it to stick until it started to set. Bias tape is very, well, tapey, so that didn't take long. It's now drying in the bathroom. I'm going to do the other one tonight, but I need to chill for a minute first, and I also want to find something entertaining yet not very attention-requiring to put on the TV during the process. I'm all out of TiVo'ed Maury episodes. Blergh.
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