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I rule I rule yaaaaaaay

I decided to skip the beer tonight because I ate way too much at Herwig's yesterday (Mom came up for a visit, so we went out) and I really do care about improving at bowling. While practicing, I thought I'd try out Rando's style of tossing the ball (as opposed to rolling it off your hand), and I noticed that it makes it a lot easier to aim because it's functionally equivalent to throwing the ball faster - that is, it hooks later, so I can stand to the left and aim at the arrow to the right of the center one and reliably hit or come close to the pocket (unless I fux0r the release, of course). At any rate, I'm very proud of tonight's scores:

163 (new record for me - and I got a turkey in that game, too)
120something (who cares what I got exactly - it's still above my 105 average!)

We bowled against this team who, judging from their nifty retro custom bowling shirts, is from the PSU materials science department. They were really nice, and the one guy, Allen, got a 250+ game. Daaaaaaayum.

I didn't manage to get much costuming done today, but I did finalize the gradient on the front of the bikini fur (it wasn't quite what I wanted it to be), and I also found out that Sharpie markers work wonders for permanently coloring synthetic fiber. You do need to rinse your fur or wig in cold water to get rid of the extra dye, but after that, it won't fade. I tried out a red one on a scrap of the cheetah fur and am quite happy with the effect. I'm going to go buy some more tomorrow and start coloring in the bottom of the leg warmers. Things will get sewn this week....believe me. ^_^
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