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Math is hard

Drafting a pattern for legwarmers shaped like a truncated cone (as opposed to using the good old trial and error method, which I really didn't feel like spending the time on) is a real pain in the ass if you've forgotten some of the stuff they taught in high school geometry. Luckily, I found a howto on Google. The article made complete sense to me (I guess the similar triangle stuff was shoved into the part of my brain where I won't remember it off the top of my head while looking at a cone, but I'll remember it if someone brings it up), and now I have measurements for my dealybob. I don't even think that I'm going to need to use nearly as much fabric for a contiguous piece as I thought I would (look at the example pattern at the end of the howto to see how spread out these things can get), which is always good.

I unpacked my new sewing machine today. I'm psyched because it has a buttload of different stretch stitches, including a serging stitch of sorts that finishes the edge of the seam. Wow. Once the front panel of the bikini dries (I painted the gradients on earlier today) and gets combed out (which I have to do so the fur at least gets somewhat soft again after being painted), I can start putting it together. Hooray for that. I just really need to do other things while waiting so that I keep on making progress, and I thought that moving along with the legwarmers would be perfect because then I can paint the red on the bottom and let them dry while I sew. I've also been claying Pauldron #2. This time, I started with the horn and got it mostly sanded, too. I'm glad I did that - the weight of said horn flattened out the sides of the pauldron, and because they haven't been covered in clay yet, bending them back is a very easy task.

Oh...and I didn't mention that one reason I'd been dragging my feet on the legwarmers was that I didn't have a damn clue as to what to use for the trim. I could never find that long-pile stuff in a medium blue shade, and I didn't want to color my own because evenly dyeing fake fur with acrylics is a royal pain in the ass, and it gets worse when you're dealing with lots of pile. I eventually figured that my best bet would be some sort of yarn, so I started looking for yarns with an appropriate color and texture. While wandering through Michael's the other day, I found this and grabbed it immediately. The skein pictured is the color I have, and I just love the way it looks. It's feathery, yet it doesn't shed or anything. As always, I'll put up a pic when I'm done. ^_^
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