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Plans for Anime Central

Rando and I decided that not having to drive 24 hours within the span of 4 days would be well worth the price of plane tickets, so he booked us a round-trip flight between Pittsburgh and O'Hare. OK, so we will have to drive to the 'Burgh, but it sure beats the long haul to Chicago - and because we're returning on Sunday afternoon, we won't be too tired to go to work the next day, so that's one less day I'll have to take off. Hooray for that. I found a $89/night hotel that ostensibly offers free transportation to the convention center at which ACEN is being held. (Said convention center's hotel is already booked.) Yay for reasonably priced accommodations and no need to rent a car.

Much to my delight, last night's fake fur painting experiment was a success. Right after I got home, I rinsed out the scrap. The extraneous paint on the backing washed off, but the paint on the fur stayed put, and said fur isn't all crusty or sticky, either. I just need to get some black paint so I can mix up a darker brown for the beginning of the gradient and then ensure that I can paint a short, controlled gradient on another scrap of test fur before I move onto the real thing. I'm just happy that it didn't turn out to be as complicated and as time-consuming of a process as I'd feared.

I should be able to go lift tomorrow. My hip is definitely less cranky today.
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