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*kicks back and relaxes*

Part of the reason I felt grouchy recently is that my fat-loss plan got yanked off its rails and thrown in a gravel pit somewhere. On Tuesday, I got this really random leg owie and lower back pull, which kinda sorta prevented me from doing any sort of working out that involved legs. Last night, Ai brought over a fuckton of these yummy butter cookies. I WAS strictly adhering to the concept of eating as few simple carbs as possible, but I caved and inhaled a bunch of the delicious treats. And I did it again tonight. Bleh. At least I really didn't have that many, and at least my workout schedule is back to normal. Rando and I went to the mall tonight, which was fun, especially because he got a haircut and looks So So CUUUUUUTE right now. ^_^

Back to the subject of workouts: I've wanted to keep an online record of my lifting and cardio for a while, and this is a great place for such writings, so here we go...

Bench press - 5x5 @ 85 pounds (all reps completed...w00t!)
Incline dumbbell press - 10, 8 @ 25
Barbell military press - 8, 6, 5 @ 45 (as a bonus, I finally figured out how to properly hang clean the bar up into position, and it FLEW...that was pretty cool, Beavis)
Cable rope crunch - 15 @ 120, 12 @ 120
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