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That's better

I just realized something. Even if my gradient painting experiment turns out to be a total failure, I'll have learned what not to do next time. And what will I have lost? A piddly piece of scrap fur and about an hour of my life. Big freaking whoop...certainly not worth getting all down in the dumps over. So I figured that I'd at least see what would happen if I didn't water down the paint all that much. (I had watered it down much more earlier because I was afraid that it would dry clumpy.) This time, I used a small brush to work paint into the "roots" of the fur, and I also tried mixing some of my paints to produce a more accurate color. The result looks pretty good, so I have it sitting out on top of a plastic bowl to dry (I realized that one mistake I'd made was trying to blot the back, which pulled color out of the backing - said color is going to sit on top of the fur until the paint dries, so you have to leave it alone until then). I think it needs a slight wash of red, but I'll try that tomorrow.
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