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Tomorrow...tomorrow...I'll sew it...tomorrow...

Cutting out and fitting the bikini took longer than I'd anticipated (I really should learn not to expect otherwise when it comes to costuming =P). I was rather worried when I first pinned it together and tried it on because it resembled a diaper and was too low on the top and weirdly baggy in the crotch, and I was thinking "Don't tell me I spent all that time draping for THIS?!", but then I put the bathing suit bottom on underneath and began to pin the edges of the fur to it, and voila - it fit perfectly. I started to pin it together securely in preparation for sewing (I was shifting the seam allowances around somewhat while doing the final fittings, and that messed up the fur that I'd combed back in order to get the seam to go together properly, so I had to recomb and realign the seams), and then Rando came home from racquetball (he's started to go on a regular basis with a bunch of our friends, and he plays until he's zonked - I'm so proud of him and so happy that he's found a fun means of regular exercise that doesn't require nice weather) and we wanted to finish watching Scary Movie 3 (which I really liked, especially because it majorly busted on The Ring, which is one of my favorite movies ever), so I figured I'd put it away for the night.

I also did 12 minutes of HIIT of the axe murderer variety. Namely, you do each interval at absolute max intensity as if an axe murdering psycho is on your tail. When you can't maintain that level of speed, you're done. I got through seven of those before I called it quits. Hooray for efficient cardio. ^_^
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