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Evolution is the change in allele frequency across a population over time. That has been observed to happen. Evolution is, therefore, not a fucking lie.

Did I mention that I despise smarmy brainless dipwads who stridently and pompously argue against something without being bothered to even do the simplest basic research into what they are arguing against? If you're a creationist who actually has a goddamn clue about what evolution (and evolutionary theory) is and actually attempts to debate individual claims on their own merits instead of, for instance, saying "Evolution is a lie" without attempting to back up or clarify that statement in any way, shape, or form, then I'm not yelling at you. What pisses me off is when some uppity fundie gets up on their high horse because Pastor Joe Bob told them about how biology is TEH SATAN and they couldn't look beyond the shiny pamphlet and feel-good generalizations contained therein.
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