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After a few hours of work, I now have a muslin mockup of my bikini fur. This involved a lot of tracing, cutting, clear nail polish (to seal the ends of the muslin so it doesn't unravel), pins, and poking myself with said pins (luckily, I didn't manage to get any of my, erm, sensitive spots, but it's literally a pain to remove a stretch garment with a ton of pins in it, which is what I had to do just now so I can make the final adjustments). I didn't have anyone to help me pin (Rando is at a LAN party over in Lock Haven), which is why it took a while. At least the result came out pretty well, so I'm just taking a short break before I use it to draft the patterns for the front and back white fur and animal-print side fur. I was kinda sorta hoping to get the entire garment sewn tonight, but I think I should at least be able to get the pieces cut, which is still pretty good.

Why haven't I been journaling my workouts? Because I'm lazy. Bleh.
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