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I'm sure you're all sick of pauldron blather at this point, but I just put the first coat of blue paint on, and it looked so perty even with the paint all wet that I had to go on here and be all excited. I'll put on another coat after we get back from bowling. Tomorrow, I hope to do the red and white circle thingy (OK, so the circle usually looks more orangey, but I think it will look better red, so pfffffft). I just need to buy brushes.

I'm also working on my plans for a Rikku-ish hair style. She has more hair than a normal human being, and I'm not about to cut off chunks of my 2-foot mane just to get bangs for a costume, so I'm using my own hair for the high ponytail and putting in braided extensions and long wefts to complete the look. I'm not sure how to handle that foof around her ponytail, but I found this Revlon clip-on hairstyle dealy that looks pretty close. The only problem is that it doesn't come in anything really close to my natural shade. (At least the synthetic extension hair I got at Sally Beauty is a pretty good match.) I think I'll make bangs and braided extensions using Katie Bair's excellent weft tutorial, mess with styling, and then worry about it later. I might decide that the style looks good enough with just the bangs and braids.
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