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10 March 2004 @ 10:13 pm
I used my comp time from Sunday to take today off, and it's been a most excellent day. I stayed up till 4 a.m. last night and managed to get up at 11:30 well-rested. I went out to lunch at Herwig's with Rando, during which I ate a big pile of kasespatzel (read: very eggy pasta-like dumplings smothered in cheese, onions, and garlic). Then I felt like doing some shopping in town. I hadn't bought new workout clothes in a while, so I hit Rapid Transit Sports and found some nifty Under Armour gear. Though I don't have my coveted six-pack yet, I'm finally cut up enough that spandex pants don't squeeze me weirdly around the waist, and they were all comfy and spiffy-looking, so I just had to buy them. After that, I had this random desire to go putz around at Barnes and Noble. I ran into Alice and Erin there, and we chatted for at least an hour about all kinds of fun and randomness like weddings, kitschy dreck (Thomas Kinkade + Precious Moments = OMG TEH AXIS OF EVIL!!!111!), mutual friends (*waves at Sean*), and imported kids' shows that we used to watch when we were little (anyone else remember Hattyland?) I saw a coffee table-sized cat compendium on sale and just had to pick it up. (I especially liked how the cat care information discussed scratching surfaces and claw trimming and didn't even mention declawing as an "alternative" - I later found out that the book was published in the UK, where that procedure is illegal, but it was still a pleasant surprise.)

After some putzing around, I hit the gym to take my new duds out for a spin. I wound up busting all my cardio records.

First mile: < 8:15
Two miles: < 16:45
Total distance in 20 minutes: 2.39 miles

What a pleasant surprise after lifting yesterday (and getting back up to squatting 130 pounds! Yaaaaaaaay!) and still being somewhat snuffly, eh?

And in other news...that godforsaken pauldron is almost ready to paint! ALMOST! It's all neatly finished with no cracks or major irregularities (it isn't PERFECT, but it looks damn good, if I say so myself). The bottom, which is plain papier mache, has an extra coat of Mod Podge drying on it right now. I just have to put the raised ring on it and then sand it down, and I'll be good to go. I have my paints already picked out. In other costume news, I ordered cheetah patterned fur and plain white fur from Mendels. They're having a 25% off sale until the end of March, so this is a damn good time to order fabric from them. Their fur is rather expensive, but I think it's well worth it. All of the short pile fur has a nice feel and texture, and the cheetah fur has a subtle sheen as well. I just need to decide whether or not I want to order my shoulder fur from them, too. *makes a mental note to look through her sample bag again*

Oh yeah...and I had been meaning to switch over to Mozilla's standalone browser and email clients (Firefox and Thunderbird, respectively) on this machine as soon as I found a matching set of themes that I liked. A few exist, but one or the other always had some aesthetic aspect that annoyed me, and some of them left icons and specifications out entirely (for example, the JavaScript console or download manager might look ugly and plain if the theme designer had forgotten about it). The new Mostly Crystal theme set does the trick for me. It's bright but not clownish, and I haven't seen anything missing, so a happy convert is me. Surprisingly, I even noticed a significant speed difference between Mozilla 1.6 and Firefox 0.8 on my sick bastard dual 1800 Athlon MP box. o_O
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Current Music: Tori Amos - Wednesday
Onezumionezumi on March 11th, 2004 05:56 am (UTC)
Declawing is terrible. I had to assist in one when I was still in pre-vet. The vets were badmouthing the owner, and angry. If I think about what I had to do anymore I'll barf on my keyboard.

I am glad I dropped out of pre-vet.
The Heavy Metal Matador: frylockrydain on March 11th, 2004 03:40 pm (UTC)
A-frickin-men. It saddens me that declawing is so oftentimes presented as a routine procedure to be done along with sterilization, which leads people to just go ahead and do it because they think it's like a manicure, not an amputation. Their vets never tell them the truth about the surgery or its potential for causing behavior and elimination problems and arthritis. (This is one reason I love my vet - she preaches nail clipping, post training, and Soft Paws, and I think she was happy that she didn't have to give me the anti-declaw speech when I brought my kitties in for their first checkup. ^_^) It downright pisses me off when someone I know gets a kitten and I tell them exactly what declawing entails, and they go ahead and do it anyway because they're too fucking cheap to get a scratching post and too damn lazy to teach the cat how to use it (which is quite easy when they're that young - both of mine took to their posts right away) and stupid enough to stick the cat to the screen door when she misbehaves because they think it's cute to see her hanging there (which, of course, teaches the cat that she's supposed to scratch the screen) and head-up-their-assed enough to value said stupid screen door over the cat's well-being. Although my cats are pretty good about scratching, they have poked holes in a few of our things, but so what? I knew I was getting animals, not stuffed toys, and therefore shit was going to happen every now and then. I wouldn't adopt a three-year-old kid and cut their fingers off because they drew on the wall.

I don't blame you for dropping out. I don't think I would have been able to put up with callous pet "owner" crap like that.
Hippie Geek Girl: random - kitty not amusedgypsyjr on March 18th, 2004 08:49 pm (UTC)
One of our cats scratched one of our bookshelves badly enough to put a hole in it, but we've never even considered getting her declawed. It's amazing that some people value their furniture more than the health and comfort of their feline companions.
The Heavy Metal Matador: frylockrydain on March 21st, 2004 10:08 pm (UTC)
Yeah, really. My babies put a long scratch in the top of our dining room table while wrestling on it. So what? It's a freaking TABLE...which is certainly not more important than the well-being of sentient creatures that we've taken the responsibility of caring for. Chopping off their toes wouldn't have made the scratch go away. We just covered the table...and they stopped wrestling on it anyway.
Æther SPOON!aetherspoon on March 11th, 2004 03:12 pm (UTC)
I'm still having the happy happy funtime theme search too.
... problem is, all of the good looking themes are HUGE! (I don't mean file size, I mean screen real estate size) I'd be happy if I could get those icons down to fit my Moz menu size (which is really tiny - I'm using 7pt font for menu titles).

If you end up running across some skins that are veeeeery tiny and look good, let me know?