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Sandpaper is my friend

The bad news: getting this pauldron ready to paint is taking much longer than I expected it to. I doubt I'll get to paint it until this weekend. Basically, the clay gave me some technical difficulties that must be fixed. For one thing, its weight pulled the curve out of the first side I finished. It's also pretty tough (for me, at least) to apply a really nice even layer, and I also did too much at once and had to grip damp clay while working on other parts of the piece. As a result, there were lots of random little divots that had to be filled in with more clay, and that stalled my sanding progress because I obviously had to wait for those bits to dry before I could sand them. Oh yeah, and I had already bought blue model spray paint designed for styrene, and I won't be able to use it now because paper clay takes acrylic paint. Bleh. It wasn't terribly expensive or anything, but it still feels like a waste.

The good news: it's looking w00t so far. Paper clay never permanently dries, so I was able to dampen the flat side and gradually bend it back to normal. It also sands beautifully. The spackling and sanding I did since last night has made a significant difference in the smoothness of the horn's surface. I did manage to get more clay on last night, too, and I don't have very much left to add. I think I'll finish covering it tomorrow and then get back to refining the details. And after I'm done with this pauldron, the second one shouldn't take as long because I now know what mistakes to avoid. Yay for that.
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