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Weird night

I passed out at around 7:45 on Saturday night, got up at 6 to placate Chester (who always demands attention at around that time of day), and realized I wasn't tired. I guess I finally paid off the sleep debt I'd accrued last week. I'm just going to stay up, do some more costume work (one pauldron is completely papier mached and ready for clay, and the other is about 80% covered), and go to the gym ('ll be so great to be back).

I went to Target looking for a cheapo bra for my costume top the other day. I discovered that I'm now a 36A, and pickings are pretty slim in that size (luckily, I found a 36B that worked - the bra has stiff cups, and the costume has to cover up my chest anyway, so big whoop if said cups are a little empty), which annoys me because it's really not that odd of a size. Since when must one be petite to have small boobies? *smacks those responsible for the dearth of appropriately sized bras with a clue-by-four*
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