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The promised explanation for Balls fat balls

Wow. I was really worried about yesterday because I feared that I'd have alcohol-induced toothaches all day long. (Yes, toothaches. Most people get headaches from too much booze. The last time I got really messed up, which was last Memorial Day weekend, I couldn't eat with the left side of my mouth for the next day and a half. I'd even get this to a lesser degree if I had more than one Smirnoff Ice or something similar, and it didn't seem to matter how much water I drank.) I did fee slightly off that morning, but that was it. My mouth was fine. I'm thinking that it was the sugar in the drinks that had that effect on me, so I should be safe next time Jeff makes a randomly cool spare and somebody buys us beer. w00t. Carnivores, we warm up with this drill in which we go up and down a scale. Tthe lowest note is 1 and the highest note is 8, and it goes like this:

1 2 1
1 2 3 2 1
...and so on and so forth

When you get to the top, you start over from there like so:

8 7 8
8 7 6 7 8

Well, Nahks and Rosie recorded themselves singing this, but instead of numbers, they used the sentence "Why don't you suck my big fat balls". We sang that version at practice recently. I cracked up a few times and then lost it when we got to the "Balls fat balls" part. There's something utterly hilarious about singing those words so jauntily, which is why it kept getting stuck in my head all weekend.
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