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Rando upgraded my kernel, so now I can use gtkam to manage the photos on our digital camera. It even works with the nifty cradle that provides connectivity and recharges the camera at the same time. The capabilities of Linux - and free software in general - have become nothing short of amazing. Six years ago, a friend installed Red Hat 4 for me. I liked being able to compile my computer science homework right in my room, but I couldn't even get my damn sound card working, and that made me a sad panda (computer and no music makes G-funk go something something), so I rarely booted into Linux. Nowadays, not only does the sound card work just fine and dandy, I can do virtually anything I want to on my Linux box. The one thing it doesn't have is native Photoshop, but that can be emulated quite well if I ever need it...and now that the GIMP has bona fide text layers, I don't really miss Photoshop much at all. I got pretty good at messing around with random crap, but I was never a l33t d3s1gn4r like some of my friends, so I can happily live without quite a few of Photoshop's advanced features. For example, Photoshop has licensed support for the Pantone color matching system, which is indispensable for working on printed media, but since I never print anything I make, I don't mind that this capability doesn't exist in Gimp.

Oh wait...I did want to talk about something else, didn't I... o_O *thinks* Yeah. That's right. I did go down to the garage with foam blocks and a serrated kitchen knife. Two and a half hours later (including a break to eat and watch Rob play Elemental Gearbolt), I had a mega mess on the floor, a cough, a jacket full of green shrapnel, and two neato foam horns. The mega mess is cleaned up, the cough has vanished, the jacket has been launderized, and the horns are neatly tucked away in the bathroom closet with the rest of my costume construction stuff. I still need to carve a bit out of the bottom so that they'll fit on top of the shoulder pauldron seams, but at least the major shaping is done, and it really wasn't difficult. I just traced the curved pattern on both opposite facets of the block and carved and sanded it down to match. Then, I used measuring tape to draw lines from the midpoint of the top to the base and carved that away to get the taper. I don't feel like Donny Don't any more...and I'm going to post progress pictures soon, I promise. ^_^
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