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16 February 2004 @ 10:09 pm
Elliptical trainer. 2 miles. 17:33. I did an interval training workout that's more endurance-oriented than my usual, which knocks me flat on my ass. I only went all out on a couple of the 15-second sprints. For the rest, I just sped up to a hard run, which challenged me while allowing me to maintain a moderate jog during each rest interval and get through a total of 15 sprints. I'm still pretty pooped, of course, but I didn't start to get leaden leg syndrome until close to the last interval, and this is certainly more fun and exciting than the standard 30-minute run.

And yes, I do have some more costume progress to share. ^_^ This weekend, I realized several things:

- The pauldrons can be bent into place - sort of - but the best results require heat. Heat-shaping styrene is a colossal pain in the tookus. I couldn't get it heated evenly with my handy-dandy gun, and I was afraid to put it in the oven because of fumes and whatnot.
- Making a pattern for the shoulder horns (and attaching them) was going to be even worse, and it would be difficult to get the join to look all nice and seamless.
- Limebarb probably used the foam + papier mache + paper clay method to make her shoulder armor, which did turn out all nice and seamless.
- Obvious conclusion: why not give it a shot? I had enough newspaper lying around the house anyway.

I cut a pauldron out of thick craft foam, bent the pieces, propped them up at the correct joining angle (at least that sheet of aluminum I bought really came in handy for this purpose!), and used newspaper and Mod Podge to papier mache over the inner joint. I suppose glue would be cheaper, but you have to dilute it to get it to work for this purpose, which involves work. Plus, one of my favorite aspects of papier mache is that you can work on it in pieces, which is excellent for me. I can just pop into the bathroom, pull out the jar of Mod Podge and my cheapo foam brush, plaster a section of the project, and then let it dry while I do something else.

Anyway...that connected the pieces nicely and neatly and gave me some room to squish the joining angle a bit. Then all I had to do was finish papier macheing the rest of it. I just need to finish off the bottom edge, and then I can worry about putting on the pointy horn.

Speaking of horns, I don't have the foam base for mine done yet, but the elbow bend is on there, and all I'll need is a few more circles to connect that and the part that flips up. Because I'm impatient and curious, I started to papier mache that part, and it looks pretty neat so far. Not only that, I'm having a blast with newspaper, foam, and glue. Styrene can certainly give you some awesome results, especially if you have ninja vacuumforming skills, but papier mache is just so much FUN, and it has quite a lot of potential to produce nifty creations.
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