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Silly me. I failed to keep track of two facts:

- was going to expire on February 14 of this month.
- My account with its registrar still listed my old, invalid credit card.

Thus, they tried to bill me, it bounced, and I freaked because I got the phone message on Friday night, and I was afraid that they wouldn't try to bill again until their billing department opened on Monday. I updated the card number right away and called customer service (which, to my relief, was open 24/7), and the guy confirmed that they'd automatically try to bill again on Saturday, so if I had a valid card number, everything would be fine.

I kept checking my whois info to see if it had gone through. For a while, it hadn't, which worried me until I found out that OpenSRS has a 40-day grace period for expired .org domains. That was somewhat of a relief - in the worst case, my site and email would be down for a few days, and I wouldn't lose the name to some shitwad scum buying it to redirect it to some stupid search engine, which is what has happened to friends with their own websites. Now I just checked again and found that they did, in fact, renew me. *sighs with relief*
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