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13 February 2004 @ 08:01 pm
Die, no-right-click bullshit. Please die.  
Memo to the world: I run Mozilla with pie menus installed. These allow me to quickly and easily access many browsing functions (forward/back navigation, stopping, reloading, opening new tabs, switching between tabs) by pressing my right mouse button and executing a certain movement pattern. In conclusion: I use said button quite often while browsing the web, and I have many reasons to right-click on a page that have nothing to do with saving images and then pretending that I made them.

So don't pop up some smarmy alert calling me a thief because I had the nerve to try to use one of my favorite browser features while surfing your photo gallery. Screwing with my user interface is rude enough. Insulting me for a harmless use of a harmless peripheral is a kick in the balls. At least pie menus are completely unaffected by the scripts that silently eat clicks, but the stupid-ass alert gets in the way and wrecks the gesture. Granted, I don't come across this crap too often, and I know that I can just turn off JavaScript temporarily, but it still irritates me that people think so poorly of their visitors. Why else would they assume that said visitors are going to rip off their material and know so little about browsers that they'll never get the idea to use View Source or go into the browser cache?
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Ungrateful Ninjauninja on February 14th, 2004 07:58 pm (UTC)
That makes me so mad when people do stuff like that. I was trying to copy a link to an auction on Ebay yesterday and got the "No copying permitted" popup when I tried to right-click to bring up the menu. I wish there were a way to just disable any Javascript that messes with my input devices because it annoys me to no end.

Though it would make even more sense if people wouldn't do that at all because I ended up not copying the link to the auction so the person I thought would be interested wasn't informed. That may have earned the seller some money had I been able to pass the link on, but instead they decided to be all snotty and mess with my browser. Grrr. I feel your pain.
Liz: Chii?ladyaltara on February 16th, 2004 03:12 am (UTC)
I used to use that code on my site. But that was before I figured out that it screwed with things like that. So I went through and removed it from my site pages (at least I think I got them all).
But yeah, it's annoying, and there ARE other ways to get images anyway (heh heh)