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Hooray for the mall

I got an adorable bright green knit hat with a 1-up mushroom patch on it. I'd seen it when I was out with Rando over the weekend, and I just couldn't resist going back and picking one up (pun not intended). I also got a pair of <$20 khakis on sale at Aeropostale. Hooray for cute pants at a deep discount.

The mood is due to my newly rediscovered Minesweeper addiction. It's so simple, yet so fun, and I can easily piss away an hour or two without even realizing it. The only problem is that it does something wacky to my eyes. I hadn't planned on doing any costuming tonight, though, and it was a scheduled day off from exercising, so this was a good time to vegetate and click on things and be happy because the medium-sized board is too easy for me now. (I haven't actually cleared a large board yet, but I'm sure I'll manage sometime in the near future when my brain and eyes are fully functional.)
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