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Costume progress

I finally got back to work on my craft foam base for the horn. Well, first I tried to just take the cylinder that I had and build the twisty part on the end using paper clay. I didn't accomplish Jack Shit (though it was fun to mash the clay around), and I now understand why Limebarb and her friend built up a base and just used the clay to finish off the surface. It really works best when you mash it around something that you already have, and it won't stick to craft foam at all. Seriously...I covered the entire thing and, when I figured out that that approach wouldn't work, peeled off the clay with no trouble whatsoever. So then I mashed some water into the clay, stuffed it into a Ziploc, stuck it in the fridge, and set to the task of trying to come up with a way to make a rough approximation of a twisted curl using craft foam.

I figured out that the horn's geometry isn't terribly complex. It basically sticks straight out for a few inches, takes a 90-degree bend toward the front, and then flips upward to a point. This revelation made my life much easier. I constructed a base for the front upward curve using small circles stacked on top of one another and then worked on an elbow joint of sorts to connect it to the cylinder. I don't have said elbow joint made yet, but it's going to consist of four foam circles fanned out to span 90 degrees and supported with rectangular foam braces. If that made no sense to you, don't worry - I'll take and post pictures of the foam thingy once it's all glued together (which will give me a chance to learn to use gphoto, which I really need to figure out - right now, Rando is the one in charge of getting all the piccies off the camera), and it'll make much more sense then.

I have a severe backlog of workouts to post, but I'm kind of embarrassed to do so because some of them have been screwed up by my fux0red upper body. At least I don't have to hold back on squatting, and at least I can bench press without pain (I just have to tuck my shoulder blades under very tightly and focus on holding them there - I think this owie is a blessing in disguise because it's forcing me to learn how to do this properly, and I didn't quite get it before), but it's still irritating. For instance, I couldn't do very many chin-ups today because I had to shovel snow yesterday, which bothered my arms, and I couldn't just not do it because if we don't, the anal-retentive borough will fine us. (And no, Rando couldn't do it all himself - his back is owey - so I had to help.) Anyway, don't touch that dial...
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