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Perty shiny things

A comment on Slashdot inspired me to take a look at XFce, a window manager that I'd never heard of before this evening. I loved the inobtrusiveness and themability of Enlightenment, but it hasn't had a major update in over 2 years, and its themes don't support antialiasing. Meanwhile, XFce uses GTK2 (my most favoritest cross-platform widget set - it's perty and themable and nearly all of my Linux apps of choice use it, and it's very nice to use for creating your own GUI's), and it appeared to have the functionality that I enjoy in E. So I apt-got it to give it a shot. Didn't Mr. Rogers always tell us that it was good to try new things?

After messing around with it for a while, I'm happy. Many of XFce's features are designed as separate modules, so I was able to replace the taskbar with a nice E-style iconbox. It's not as themable, but that doesn't bother me because the more wacky E themes always got in my way.

Edit - It turns out that XFce does have a right-click desktop application menu like Enlightenment. Mine just didn't show up because it was set up to include some weird Debian menu file that didn't exist. I removed the reference to that and added items for my favorite apps, and now I'm good to go. ^_^
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