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31 January 2004 @ 04:14 pm

And I think I'll be able to go lift tomorrow!

I didn't wind up buying 2-pound dumbbells, but the 1-pounders are teeny, so it's easy to hold two of them at once and effectively make a larger weight. Last night, I did my rotator cuff exercises in this way. I noticed that I could only get 12-15 reps until my cuffs got tired. My arms feel a LOT better today. This gives me hope. I'll do more exercises and stretches later on and then see how everything feels tomorrow.

In other good news, Julia, the cosplayer who dressed as Berserker Yuna to coordinate with Limebarb's Berserker Rikku (BTW, both costumes are awesome, so go take a look, umkay?), was kind enough to post in the FFX-2 Rikku thread on the cosplay.com boards and explain how they made their spiffy horns. Basically, they glued concentric craft foam circles together as a base, papier mached the result, covered it in paper clay (a very light clay that dries hard without firing and can easily be sanded and painted), and then sanded it like crazy to make it all nice and smooth. Obviously, this requires effort, but it still sounds way easier to get right than my original plan of heat-bending styrene and then figuring out how to cover it. I should be able to skip the papier mache step because Mod Podge is teh w00t at sealing craft foam and I was going to use the clay to get a smooth surface anyway (the base of circles that I have so far is smaller in diameter than the finished horn will be). I'll make and place the spiral of small circles tonight and then just add more big ones on the bottom until the horn is the length I want it to be.
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