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I'm getting better at playing with my balls

Bowling history in a nutshell: started last fall, got a regular plastic ball, managed to get my average up to 100 by the end of the spring league, increased it some more, got a heavy hook ball, watched ye olde average drop as I learned how to use it, still haven't quite mastered it yet, am working on it and the average is going up again. I went tonight with Stef and Craig, and I'm extremely happy with myself because I picked up a 6-7-10 split and a couple of annoying leftovers where two pins are sitting next to one another, and I think I'm finally hooking the ball correctly now. Before, I'd mainly just lob it and it would wobble into some sort of a curve and knock down lots of pins because it was heavy, but I didn't have much control over said curve, so I wasn't making very much progress. I should also mention that I got a 135 on my second game, which is abnormally high for me. w00tness.

I do have more ideas for Meow Mix essays, but I have little inspiration for content. Blargh.

Oh yeah, and today I found out that Blades and Darknean are coming to visit next weekend (not this upcoming one, the one afterwards). They'll be the third and fourth people I've met from Acmlm's. (I ran into CESum at Otakon, and about a month later, I adopted my cats from Setzer.) Thar and Anna will still be here, so it's going to be a little nutty (but in a good way, of course). I'll be sure to take pictures.

Speaking of which, I have a couple of dress piccies! ^_^ They're very slightly blurry, but you can see how the gown is coming along. I think this is the best one. (And no, I'm not stoned. I was sleepy. Pffffffft.)
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