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Bowling & new rant

Bowling went a hell of a lot better tonight. I got a 100something, a 90something, and a 148. (Well, part of that last score resulted from a spare that I got because the machine decided to drop the pins instead of reracking them, and the guy in charge of the league just told me to take it because it would have been too much of a pain in the ass to try to set it back up again. Plus, it was an easy spare that I could have legitimately made. It wasn't like I got a freebie 7-10 split.) Thursday night practice enabled me to figure out what it should feel like to throw the ball with a hook. Now, I know that if I stand straddling the next-to-leftmost dot, aim at the arrow to the right of the center one, and roll the ball off my hand properly, it will go near the pocket. Of course, this still requires tweaking, and I'll occasionally goof up the throw and wind up hitting the rightmost end of the pins (or guttering), but at least I figured out a consistent starting and aiming point, which is an extremely important foundation for improvement.

And once again, I got another rant out of a dumb message board post. (This particular one implied that you have to spend a fuckton of money on an engagement ring to prove that you love your fiancee.) If people like big honkin' diamonds, that's OK, but the notion that the price tag of a piece of jewelry is a reliable measure of a person's love really offends me.

On the subject of cosplay, I decided to just go with the plain styrene for my new armor. I traced the pieces earlier and cut and sanded one of them before we had to go bowling. It's all perty and smooth, and hopefully I won't even have to bend the collar base to get it to lay well. (The neck piece is another story, but that's just a simple strip, and I don't think it would be a problem to get some cheap duct metal and make an appropriately shaped hump to drape it over.) I'll do more sporadic work on it this week.

(A little while later...)

I really am hyper, so I decided to go ahead and cut the other piece and mess around with the plastic a bit. I found out that because I'm not trying to significantly reshape the pieces, I can just bend them by hand and not have to apply any heat to get them to hold said bend. w0000000t! The shoulder pauldrons might involve some more work because they bend more sharply, but said bend is a seam, so if my manual mashing doesn't seem to accomplish much, I can lightly score the pieces and, if necessary, fill in the gap with styrene glue. The horns are going to require finicky work, but I'm doing them last, so I have plenty of time to worry about that later. I'm just so happy that my armor construction is going well this time around, and I'm sure that I'll be proud of the results. ^_^
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