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25 January 2004 @ 01:14 am
Random costume progress  
(It's funny how costuming makes me want to listen to this song. o_O)

The bad news: after spending a bunch of time this week sealing its joints with Squadron putty and coating the bare foam bottom with Mod Podge and wasting a couple of hours tonight putting a neck piece on it, I decided to toss out my first attempt at the collar. I realized that it just wasn't going to turn out like I wanted it to.

The good news: I drafted a much better pattern using a well-fitting T-shirt as a guide. Basically, I just laid it down flat and traced the slope of the shoulders and inside of the collar. I made sure that the front and back were symmetrical and that their shoulder slopes matched, and then I cut and taped a newspaper prototype. This one actually works. w00t for that. My biggest dilemma now is trying to decide whether to attempt the craft foam and styrene sandwich again (which makes it easy to bend the armor but requires a lot of sealing and sanding if you want a neat edge) or just use plain styrene and bend it myself (this way, I can just sand the edge and be done with it, and I don't have to plaster on a fuckton of Mod Podge to get the bottom edge into a paintable state). The problem is that I'm afraid of messing up the styrene when I try to bend it by itself. Oh well...I'll figure it out.
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