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This is the first night of the spring bar league. I was all bouncy and excited when we first got to the bowling alley. Now I'm fucking pissed off. I feel like that mythological guy who kept pushing a boulder up the mountain only to have it roll back down again. In my case, it's like I can't even get the damn thing 10 feet without it plummeting to the bottom and smashing me into a pancake in the process.

I was doing pretty well with my 12-pound straight ball when I decided to switch over to a 14-pound hook ball. I have gotten much better at using the thing (especially considering that my wrist wasn't strong enough for it when I first got it), but it's frustrating seeing your average stick at around 100 for months on end. And it's downright infuriating to not even break 40. Yes, I am referring to an entire game here.

I like bowling. I love the bar league because it involves lots of silliness and yucking it up and meeting friendly people. It's just incredibly irritating because I feel like I've been stuck for practically forever, and I don't understand how to improve. Weight training makes sense to me. You set up a proper routine and figure out what you should be eating. You follow your plan consistently and, over time, you get stronger and/or bigger. If this is proceeding according to plan, great. If not, you tweak said plan.

On the other hand, bowling with a hook is a complex motion with many little bitty things that can go wrong. Obviously, you have to throw the ball where you're aiming it, but then you have to remember to release it just so after holding onto it for a while (which feels weird), and if you fuck up the release, it won't hook properly and winds up in the gutter. (You need to initially throw it away from the pocket so that it will hook back into said pocket.) So then you get annoyed with yourself because you just can't make your hand turn over and then you decide to just throw near the middle and let the ball's grippy surface make a small curve for you, and then you remember to hook it that time and it goes into the left gutter. And then sometimes you get it all right and you feel great, and in the next game, you magically forget all that and your score goes down the shitter, and then you get annoyed with yourself because you feel like a failure and get even more annoyed for being annoyed over something so inconsequential as your bowling score in a noncompetitive bar league.

Rando is so calm. He never gives a shit about things like this. I wish they made pills for that.
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