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New workout weeeeee

I made some good progress on Chris Thibaudeau's non-linear autoregulating powerlifting routine, but my lower back tends to get overworked even if I lower the intensity on medium squat and deadlift days. I want to continue lifting on a full-body 3x/week schedule, adding to my base of strength without beating the tar out of my poor old back. I also wanted to fit in some assistance work, which I needed for bench presses and said back, without sacrificing speed work as well.

I wound up with something that actually has a similar structure to the Thibaudeau routine, but I do assistance for a heavy exercise in the same workout and chose chin-ups as the heavy pull exercise. I'll rotate squats and deadlifts on a weekly basis. In my experience, training one helps performance in the other, and my back really doesn't like training both of them to a max each week. I probably won't get optimal gains in these lifts unless both of them are practiced frequently, but I kinda sorta need to get my back in order until I can do that again. At least this will allow me to increase my lower body strength in the meantime.

1) "Work up to max" is shorthand for a set/rep scheme that looks like this:

5 @ 50% max of choice
5 @ 75% max of choice
5 @ 100% max of choice
Add 5 pounds and try to get target number of reps
If successful, add 5 pounds and try to get target number of reps
(This can continue as long as you don't go overboard with sets)

For the first four weeks, this will be a 5-rep max, and then I'll decrease it gradually over the following weeks.

2) A 5x5 is to be performed in the following manner:

5 @ 50% working weight
5 @ 75% working weight
3 x 5 @ 100% working weight

Here, I'm going for medium intensity. My goal is to be able to get all 25 reps each week and move up to the next heavier weight when this task becomes easy.

3) Speed work is performed as follows:

2x2 @ 50% 1RM
3x2 @ 55% 1RM
3x2 @ 60% 1RM

I'm not yet capable of doing this for chin-ups, so my speedwork for that exercise will wind up being a light-to-moderate-intensity exercise in form instead.

4) Each day will include core work. I usually do this at home in the form of V-ups, planks, wheel rollouts, and similar exercises because I won't have to spend as much time at the gym, and I need something to do while watching the silly talk shows TiVo records for me. ^_^


"Speed" chin-ups - 4x1, focusing on form and speed
Squat or deadlift (alternate weekly) - Work up to max
Good morning - 3x6-8
Incline press - 5x5


Speed squat
Bench press - Work up to max
Military press - 3x6-8
Bent-over barbell row - 5x5


Speed bench press
Chin-up (ladder set/rep scheme)
Dumbbell row - 3x6-8
Front squat - 5x5
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