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10 December 2013 @ 07:57 pm
Shiny object hobby time  
As I wrote about this summer, I revived my dinky little YouTube channel five years after the brief spate of Warriors Orochi videos that I created it for in the first place. With some commentary practice under my belt and an operational Super Nintendo, I decided to do a Halloween special for a game I loved enough to map in its 140+ room entirety.

Play time: 1 hour 10 minutes, one continuous take. Upload time over my tin can relay bandwidth: 7+ hours. And totally worth it for the overall effect of One True Video, especially because no one is using said bandwidth during the day.

The Addams Family (SNES) - full walkthrough with commentary

I am working on a similar nostalgia playthrough for The Goonies II, the first game I wrote a full FAQ for. "Work" involves emulator setup (done, courtesy of a button mapper for my PS3 controller hooked up via Bluetooth), gameplay practice (getting there), and commentary brainstorming (cross-productive for general writing creativity and seriously, y'all, I have been grinding forth on That Dangblasted Novel). I want to sound casual and off the cuff, but it helps to stock my mental library with information to relay and subjects to prattle on about while leaving room for reactive silliness. Such as getting on my own case for failing at the '80s by playing the game before I saw the movie. I probably also get doubleplusungood points for reading the MAD parody - The Goofies - before I saw the movie. Or maybe not. MAD owns.

It's been much harder to refamiliarize myself into some semblance of elegant gameplay, but I've made some nice progress - and have also improved on my original route through the game. Just slightly, but it should look good on video, inevitable failfest notwithstanding.
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