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*flips Mother Nature the bird*

We were supposed to get into State College by midnight. Supposed to being the operative phrase.

Nobody told me that a fucking ice storm was going to hit Illinois this weekend.

Note the current time.

We didn't get home all that long ago.

For the first time in its 7 1/2-year existence, my car froze up and refused to start, and it took us a couple of hours to get it functional. (Thar's ninja magic did the trick.) Then the roads were teh sux for a while and I was paranoid of getting mashed beneath a semi although I was only doing 30 (on an interstate where the speed limit was 65).

Our cats are happy to see us. I'm really damn glad to see them.

Excuse me while I go conk out. I will write more about the w00tness that was AnnaCON laters.
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