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16 July 2003 @ 05:39 pm
Boom boom boom boom money funny cleaner  
A great while back, some people came over for a party or whatnot. During the course of said party, someone spilled a dark-colored beverage on our white countertop and didn't wipe it up well. The counter got stained. This pissed me off, but I never got around to fixing it because I didn't feel like dealing with bleach. My efforts did seem to fade the stain somewhat, so my grouchiness also faded to a slight irritance.

As of today, I am irritated no more.

Last week, I bought this supposedly superduperpowerful cleaning spray called Kaboom! because I wanted to get some mineral-deposit gunk out of our shower. It worked. I decided to try it on the countertop. Lo and behold, the ghost of the spill has vanished off the face of our kitchen. I like this stuff. ^_^
Current Mood: calmcalm
Current Music: Alice in Chains - Rooster