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Pick three of your favorite ships without looking at the questions.

- Carver/Herc (The Wire)
- Cai Wenji/Cao Ren (Dynasty Warriors)
- Cao Ren/Lu Meng (Dynasty Warriors)

Or, if you're like me, rearrange them after the fact because the answers would have otherwise sucked. To experience the intended randomness, pick pairings based on canon material.

1. What made you ship 3?

Crushing on them both at the same time. Imagining that they would get along well with their down to earth cooperative concern for their men. Imagining them getting along far better than that and being distracted for a week until I caved and wrote My First Erotica(tm).

2. Is 2 canon?

No, which was yet another of my DW7 waste-of-potential gripes. Wenji and Ren share a somber, contemplative maturity about the pain of war. It only makes sense that they should therefore share a friendship. But they don't, because KOEI doesn't give a rat's ass about underrated characters.

3. What is your favorite moment between 1?

If I have to pick just one - the time in season 2 when Herc tackled Carv into the couch and got yelled at for grabbing his dick. Or when Herc snapped photos of Carv, got yelled at for wasting film, and responded that they’d been up there on surveillance for so long, even Carv was starting to look good to him.

If I can be greedier - the entire One Guy, One Act, One Time subplot. The writers nailed a taste for pigheaded homoerotic BROS BROS BROS that I didn’t know I had.

4. If you could put 3 in any scenario, what would it be?

Historically, Ren and Meng opposed each other at the siege of Jiangling, then collaborated in the campaign against Guan Yu. They would be awesome as respectful rivals turned allies.

5. Favourite line said between 1?

Herc, offering a compromise in One Guy, One Act, One Time: “How about a handjob?”

6. Did everything you want happen between 2?

See #2, with more grumbling just because I can.

7. Recommend a blog dedicated to 2.

I wish.

8. Recommend a fic about 3.

This school AU DLC-inspired story made me smile. It’s Gan Ning/Ling Tong focused, but the writer was kind enough to throw me some Ren/Meng friendship candy. I can also take credit for the pot dealing line that inspired this.

9. What is 1’s shipper name?

BRB, translating fist bumps and high-fives into text.

10. Favorite episode/chapter of 3?

Once again - I wish. Rare headcanon pairing land is lonely.

11. Does anyone in real life know you ship 2?

Yes. I leave most of my fandom squee unlocked.

12. Do you also ship 1’s actors?

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