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To-ga! To-ga! To-ga!

Well, not quite...but this is a superfun way to spend New Year's. Rando and I are at Thar and Anna's place with around 15 other people, and there is much gaming and general silliness going on. There is also a metric fuckton of alcohol, but my tolerance sucks and my teeth hurt if I have more than one drink, so I won't be getting anywhere near plastered. That's OK, though, because drunkenness is overrated once you're old enough to feel the effects of it the next day. It's funny how that happened to me right after I turned 21. o_O

It's also funny how I was bored out of my skull soon after we hit Ohio, but I sunk into this Zen-like groove somewhere in Indiana and mysteriously started to enjoy the drive. I somehow managed to get my brain into a state where I could brainstorm for my costume while paying proper attention to the road (which was easy, considering that the vast majority of the driving was of the easy, boring "major interstate at night with little traffic" variety). Still, I wonder how truckers manage to do so much driving without going nucking futs. Long-distance driving during the day isn't so bad because you can at least look out at scenery, signs, and other points of interest, but if you're driving through a flat state at night, it's all indistinguishable and extremely boring.
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