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As the dust clears

I spent the last few days in the glorious realm of Nothing Constructive Whatsoever. Sort of. NaNoWriMo left me with a whole mess of ideas to refine and rework, so I've been poking at all the unanswered questions it raised. This is all quite encouraging and fun - reminiscent of the August/September heyday when my Wire-fueled brain was happily chewing on high level concepts with help from zeriel, which must have horrified the post-lunch elevator passengers privy to our musings on money laundering. Perhaps I should finally make that disclaimer sign proclaiming that I'M WRITING A NOVEL.

Tempered Will is a wording redundancy once-over away from submission. I found yet more prose to clean up, a bit of awkwardness from overzealous culling on the previous round. I grabbed the NaNo trial of Scrivener - which I fell in love with and will totally be buying with my winner's discount - and I'm using it to compile this manuscript as well. Scrivener even comes with a short story template for the standard format suggested by the wuxia anthology I'm after. I'm also organizing the story into fewer, more sensible chapters for reuploading to my usual fiction sites.

Now to boot my brain into psychological horror mode somehow. It will be done.
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