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I got a bunch of word count mileage from old scene versions that I forgot to add up. That's not cheating. It's potential development and turns of phrase for later repurposing. If it's raw prose that can possibly be useful for a later revision, it's word count. End of story.

I have an essential subplot to write. The summary content is there. The scenes are refusing to split themselves apart from that. Joy.

Quite a few of my scenes are heavy on the background exposition, light on the dialog. Even more joy. Let's all raise our beverages of choice for a hearty round of IT'S JUST A ROUGH DRAFT!

I'm at the point where I'm about to start in on the man love just because it's the only scene I can fully conceptualize at the moment.

That said -

The tl;dr is giving rise to potential threads, themes, and allegory. The Three Kingdoms homage makes sense for the current climate of forging business practices and regulations in a rapidly developing Wild West environment of capitalism similar to what Western industrialization went through in its earlier days. I trust that subsequent revisions will get that across without smacking the reader across the head with OMG LOOK U GUISE! I AM SO SMRT! S-M-R-T!

Tao's trickster bent has come out to play. I envisioned a bit of Wilder Wonka showmanship in him, and oh hell yes it works in context.

My work thus far is a solid start. When finished and red penned into oblivion, this will be the best damn thing I have written.

Why yes, I have been drinking some grade-A beer.
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