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Progress and process

Five days into NaNoWriMo. I'm dragging myself up a mountain but managing to stay on pace. My first paragraphs were bland dumpy bullshit. My draft has since shaped up and begun to show actual promise. I'm taking my time. I lightly edit as I go - moving development around, rewording absolute garbage when I've made my word count goal and have the time to revisit. Previous years were a scrappy dash to the finish. This one's the start of a long haul.

My goals for this project are twofold. First, to ride my enthusiasm for the project and the NaNo challenge to produce a sizable chunk of useful raw material. Second, to learn how to sit my ass down and write a novel. I normally work in short form by the whims of my inspiration, which is annoying when I can't seem to figure out how to finish a stalled project. Short form also accustomed me to write concisely, selecting highlights to base brief scenes upon. A novel requires me to expand upon material that would be condensed in a shorter work. Not to pad it with filler, but to include bonus detail and show a sense of time passing. I expound and sketch, rambling on with that stream of consciousness I enjoy out of Stephen King. Chuck Palahniuk reminds me to unpack snippets of character thought that can be shown rather than summarized. I don't adhere to his advice strictly, as summary thoughts can be effective in specific contexts. But I do keep it in mind, and it gave me a shot of inspiration on a downer of an evening.

My outline is my savior. I've already taken advantage of both its structure and flexibility. I also have an excerpt to share - the introductory scenes for my three main men. This is presentable enough for this phase, but not polished by any means. Read for ideas, enjoy the prose that turned out well, don't mind the parts that need a few rounds of Bondo and a belt sander.

Arise - Introduction (Unpolished Rough Draft)
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