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T minus 55 hours and counting

This week's agenda:

Grumbling over the lingering cold of ick. I can finally go back to the gym tomorrow. Finally.

Realizing that my novel outline looked weird as hell because its key event scenes were all clustered at different points in time. It didn't help that one of my subplots was forced in too early and had to be pushed back. The problem with novella-length writing is that I get used to squishing as much development into one scene as possible, whereas a longer work requires such material to be more spread out to give a broad sense of scope and time. I threw in laundry list notes of material to intersperse, and I also wrote a summary of each subplot's timeline to get it in my head. I'm still poking at it, but at a much more leisurely pace. I have no concrete plan for the final arc, and I don't really care to worry about it. I feel secure that the lead-up will inspire something decent when I get there.

Panicking over Chinese character names selected with my best attempts via limited initial resources. I'm well aware of the search/replace function, but I don't want to get too attached to character names that don't make sense. I got some help from Chinese speakers on the NaNo boards, but the thread died, and some of my alternatives to Purple Monkey Dishwasher mistakes remained unverified. Since then, I found this and this for name commonality. The first link lists alternatives with the same character(s), which helps if you want a particular given name and you guess at a compound name that fails it. These name lists by date are also useful, but the site went down today while I was browsing. Fun.

Redoing my novel cover because I got a better idea.

Playing Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny. So far, it's more fun than Frontier - exploration and combat-focused, minimal chores, no bleeping Runey micromanagement - and the dialog is far better as well. The priest scares the crap out of me, but I can live with that.

Doing the proverbial pee dance while awaiting the stroke of midnight on Monday.
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