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This is my brain on Tumblr

I signed up for a Tumblr account several months ago. Like any new and confusing social media, it got largely ignored until I figured it was time to sit down and understand what it was good for.

So what is Tumblr good for, you ask? Its best use is one-off sharing - pictures, videos, and other brief media of interest that you can add to favorites and easily pass along while keeping the trail of sources intact. There's a tagging system that works site-wide or within individual blogs, and a question and answer feature as well. This all lends itself well to random crap and fandom, especially both at once. Coming upon a thriving community of Dynasty Warriors character blogs being all lulzy with each other, I had to go and make this. It's gotten a surprising amount of traffic and inspired me to step up my macro skills.

Fuck Yeah Character blogs have a trend of drawing comic responses to questions. I upgraded my digital drawing setup - Intuos 4, free copy of Manga Studio Debut thanks to onezumi and her awesome nerdly heaven of Intervention Con - but refused to let myself touch it until I made some substantial writing progress. It's just about time to bust it out. The Tempered Will beta draft is nearly complete, coming in at the 30K limit with (hopefully just) some minor prose polishing left to go. I committed to hammering out my Cao Cao-inspired drama for NaNoWriMo, and I have enough planning done and in the pipeline to be confident of getting a good promising-to-crap ratio out of the process. I also want to get in on the local NaNo meetups, which I'd never done before. CHUMS UP LET'S DO THIS
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