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Cosplay progress weeeeee

I know I'm going to be embarking on a 12-hour drive tomorrow. It doesn't matter. I got cosplay fever tonight anyway, and I'm glad I did. I needed muslin and ran out to JoAnn's to buy some. Their remnants were 70% off, and wouldn't you know it - I found two rolls of muslin and a random remnant of white swimsuit fabric, which is exactly what I needed for the straps on my triangle top. w00000000t. I got half of my bikini bottom mockup cut out (I can't exactly use my existing pattern for non-stretch fabric). I can't wait to finish my patterns so I know how much fur I need to order. I can't wait to get started on armor construction. (My plastic order finally came in.) I'm even excited about the dratted horn because I found a sturdy, non-messy construction medium: styrene strips, which can be easily softened with a heat gun and bent into shape (and, needless to say, hold said shape after they cool). (By the way, it requires a significant amount of heat to soften these things, so it's not like they'll melt in the car on the way to the con. =P) I'm going to use a Styrofoam cone as a form to shape smaller and smaller ring sizes around, and then I can bend a strip into a twist and glue the rings onto that to make a frame that I can reinforce if need be and cover somehow. Hooray for plastic.

Cookie is in my lap. Chester was sitting on my pillow today and sleeping next to me as well. I think our little angels missed us when we went away for Christmas. They'll probably be nutzoid clingy next weekend after we come back. I love our little purr machines. ^_^

With the help of some fellow gymrats, I'm designing a full-body strength routine that is like the old one but won't overwork my lower back. I can't wait to start it. Two weeks and no lifting makes Rydain go something something.
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