The Heavy Metal Matador (rydain) wrote,
The Heavy Metal Matador

Justice, my ass

9 witnesses testified. 7 recanted their testimony. Some signed affidavits swearing that police coerced them into false statements.

No murder weapon was found, nor was any other physical evidence linking the defendant to the crime.

His verdict was guilty. The punishment, death. The State of Georgia repeatedly refused him a new trial although 9 sworn affidavits implicated another man as the murderer. After a great public hue and cry, he was heard at the last minute by the US Supreme Court.

Who went on to deny him a stay of execution.

R.I.P. Troy Davis (1968-2011)

May his memory fuel an end to the racism, classism, and thirst for vengeance that sacrificed him on the altar of judicial incompetence.
Tags: rage
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