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10 September 2011 @ 09:31 pm
Red pen Musashi  
Words, words, words, words. Huh huh huh. It says use on wood.

So there's a wuxia fiction anthology accepting submissions. Paid. The organizer isn't fussy about first rights or claim to yours - he only requires you to not publish elsewhere during a short window of exclusivity.

The maximum story length is 30,000 words. Tempered Will weighs in around 38. I already had my eye on a few subpar segments to rework, so I dove in and started axing. The editing process has consumed my past few days. It's been a writing workshop in miniature and a fascinating exercise in forensics. Pre-production drafts show sketch marks from a writer's thought process, which are fun to identify and useful to recognize for revision and critique.

Tempered Will was sequentially seat o' pantsed with an overall plan in mind. Some points of development got a whole scene they didn't need, and some bits are tangential to the focus of the story. I touched on conflicts and potential threads as I saw them because I didn't know which would be most prominent. Some wound up being flavor, or non-issues in the overall scheme.

In addition to scene culling, I got great mileage out of reworking prose. Rambles were tightened, extraneous telling removed from the narration it interleaved. I had a former habit of putting some awkward summary on sections that should have just stopped.

The good news is that the story is structurally sound. I'm happy with the big arcs, the character development, most of the scene selection. I only have one section to rewrite, and there's some original draft material to inspire it. This is a far cry from Resonance, which had to be rewritten from inspiration fodder multiple times before I got a decent draft out of it. And even that got reworked after another upgrade in my personal standards.

This revision may be done within a week or so. I'm seriously kicking its ass. My main roadblock is that one missing scene, but I have enough of a reasonable start to it.
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