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Rygar, Hero of Chiptunes

Joys of growing up in the 8-bit era - looking up your old favorite songs and getting that same epic feeling they gave you as a kid. Old school game music didn't have much in the way of synthesizer hardware to work with - not much room for subtlety and nuance in arrangements and instrumental sounds - so it tended toward a catchy form of atmosphere. I'm not ashamed to proclaim that it had significant influence on my own compositions. I tend to focus on chord progressions (a real pain when I'm trying to learn something by ear that doesn't have clear bass or harmony indicating such), and I find myself gravitating toward unusual patterns with this tough-to-describe sort of cohesion that game soundtrack tunes tend to have. I've been told that it feels Celtic. My taste in chord progressions partly explains my OMGLOVE of Rush. Today's Tom Sawyer, of course, not the IRL troll.

This song makes me want to kick the world's ass in front of a blazing sunset. I sometimes have it running through my head on the way to the gym. I'm also not surprised to see that Rygar got his clothes at that rock 'n roll store in the mall. It was the '80s, after all.

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