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Ha! There goes another one!

After finishing this, I thought I was burned out on visuals for the time being. I'd put my drawing brain to rest and get wholeheartedly back into writing.

Famous last words.

2 months later -

Also cross-posted to deviantArt.

I am writing, though. My difficulties with Resonance were twofold: not having a clear concept of the ending, and struggling to get back into an atmospheric horror mindset after spending so much time with character-focused stories. I did have the base concept for the final stretch, which proved to be enough of a start. I had to just sit down and scribble out ideas for suitably freaky occurrences. Some ideas have potential. Others, not so much. The patterns of the promising thoughts help me come up with more. And thus, the end is in sight at last.

zeriel and I have also been pondering a Dynasty Warriors reboot from the perspective of Western gamer history buffs. It does take influence from some of the more realistic characterization in that series, but there are significant differences coming out even in my early stages of brainstorming. I maintain that a strict historical focus can be just as interesting as KOEI's lulz factory, and serious business warriors can have plenty of unique screen presence and nuance without devolving into a samey parade of grumpy men. Furthermore, my research is giving me a broader fact-based overview of the timeline in a way that feels far more like fun than work. Studying is awesome when it satiates your curiosity about some person or event.
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