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Last week, Dave (office mate) and I were discussing random arcade and pinball games that we liked, and I remembered that I eventually wanted to buy a heavy-duty metal DDR pad. The soft pads were fine for a while, but when you start getting to 7-footers and up, they're going to scoot a little (or a lot) unless you nail them to the floor. And no, there is no local DDR machine that I can use for practice. (In fact, the nearest one is over 2 hours away.) Long story short: eBay had a ton of nice ones at good prices with the Buy Now option available, so I went ahead and grabbed one.

It arrived today. I just got to try it out. And DAMN is this thing w00t.

I sucked at first because I hadn't played DDR in months, so I was failing 4-footers for a little while because I needed to relearn how to find the arrows and step on them authoritatively. Being slightly offbeat didn't help, either. Luckily, relearning was a swift process for me, and I passed some of my 7-foot favorites before deciding that I had had enough. I don't think I'll get to play any more until we come back from our Christmas trip to Pittsburgh, but still, I'm psyched that I'll finally be able to improve at DDR. And being able to do high-intensity cardio at home is a real bonus as well. ^_^
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