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24 December 2003 @ 12:42 am
Last week, Dave (office mate) and I were discussing random arcade and pinball games that we liked, and I remembered that I eventually wanted to buy a heavy-duty metal DDR pad. The soft pads were fine for a while, but when you start getting to 7-footers and up, they're going to scoot a little (or a lot) unless you nail them to the floor. And no, there is no local DDR machine that I can use for practice. (In fact, the nearest one is over 2 hours away.) Long story short: eBay had a ton of nice ones at good prices with the Buy Now option available, so I went ahead and grabbed one.

It arrived today. I just got to try it out. And DAMN is this thing w00t.

I sucked at first because I hadn't played DDR in months, so I was failing 4-footers for a little while because I needed to relearn how to find the arrows and step on them authoritatively. Being slightly offbeat didn't help, either. Luckily, relearning was a swift process for me, and I passed some of my 7-foot favorites before deciding that I had had enough. I don't think I'll get to play any more until we come back from our Christmas trip to Pittsburgh, but still, I'm psyched that I'll finally be able to improve at DDR. And being able to do high-intensity cardio at home is a real bonus as well. ^_^
Current Mood: sweaty
Current Music: Naoki - Dynamite Rave (Full)
aitai on December 24th, 2003 06:07 am (UTC)
that's so cool!!! i must be nice not having it go everywhere while you're dancing.
Englebert Slaptybackdrjayphd on December 24th, 2003 06:12 am (UTC)
OoooOOOOoooh... I was thinking of chopping up the soft pads that I've got and making hard pads (with trick bars!) out of them, but if there's good hard ones online, I might just get them. When I can afford to, of course.
radhardened on December 24th, 2003 02:40 pm (UTC)
Please excuse my DDR-newbieness... what are 4-footers and 7-footers?
The Heavy Metal Matador: frylockrydain on December 24th, 2003 05:43 pm (UTC)
Sorry I forgot to clarify that. DDR song difficulty is measured in feet, and the scale goes from 1 (absolute beginner) to 9 (insane). 4-footers are usually pretty leisurely and easy to follow. 7-footers tend to include lots of arrow clumps that force you to swivel your hips and basically move your feet very quickly. Many of them will wind you even if you're in good shape. Some, such as Boom Boom Dollar Trick on 3rd mix, take this concept to a very evil level. The very end of that song has you literally running on the pad while turning 180 degrees back and forth. It took me quite a while to get to the point where I even had a hope of passing that...and with my new pad, I actually hit about half of the arrows in that sequence perfectly. I got screwed up at the VERY end, when you have to turn every couple of seconds, but at least I passed the song. ^_^
Onezumionezumi on December 24th, 2003 03:34 pm (UTC)
Beware of ones that aren't Cobalt Flux. There is a huge fiasco going on regarding certain brands because they break after a few months permanently. Check ddrfreak.com
The Heavy Metal Matador: frylockrydain on December 24th, 2003 05:31 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the heads-up. Actually, I was reading that last night, and I probably should have found that thread before I bought a metal pad. Way to research, G-funk. *kicks self* Honestly, I expected to have to replace an arrow or fix a contact after a while (even the arcade machines need that sort of maintenance), but I am kind of annoyed that I might have to do that sooner rather than later. However, the frame on my pad is too thick to bend out of shape easily, and the problems I'm most likely to run into can be prevented or fixed. Someone in that thread duct-taped a piece of thin sheet metal to the bottom of each of the arrows on their MyMyBox metal pad, which really helped the responsiveness and probably reinforced the arrows as well. I'm going to do that after we get back from holiday travels. ^_^
(Anonymous) on December 31st, 2003 03:43 pm (UTC)
So you got a MyMyBox pad, then? I asked Rando to give me the scoop on how the new pad worked out for you, but hadn't heard back from him.

Right now, I'm contemplating the purchase of a Flux. First, though, I need to pick up a cheap Xbox Beat Pad and mod it into a control box since the crew at CF hasn't designed their own Xbox cbox yet.

Guess I should mention that I'm Sinistar from FITHlan. Don't have a LiveJournal account, so I just have to be an anonymous coward.