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Art spam for the win

When I'm in a creative funk, I need to give myself permission to totally screw off for a short while. So I put my digital art workspace away and let myself forget about creativity in favor of watching Darksyde Phil swear at various video games. A few days later, I came back to Lu Meng and realized that he was almost done.

Or just head to my deviantArt page.

I also realized that I never posted my recent adventures in digital painting. I enjoyed working with acrylics in high school, but I hadn't done any similar art since then. Props and armor, yes, but nothing in the illustrative vein. With some combination of photo reference and theoretical BS, I did this semi-realistic portrait of Cao Ren. For my first serious attempt at painting a person, I think it came out pretty well.

And here's the deviantArt link, with additional notes and stuff.

And yes, I am listening to the rickroll song on purpose. I can't be the only one out there who likes it. More importantly, it suits my determination to carry on with my creative endeavors, even if I have to drag my inspiration out of a much undesired slumber.

Resonance? You're on notice. You will get done. kthxbai
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